Integrative Systems Biology, Metabolomics and Cancer

Departament of Biochemistry and Molecular Biomedicine

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Consolidate research group of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia (2017SGR1033) from 1997. It belongs to Institute of Biomedicine of the Universitat de Barcelona (IBUB) and to the Reference Network of R+D+i on Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (XRQTC) of Catalonia.




Two Marie Skłodowska-Curie scholarships are offered as part of the project "TubInTrain: Tuning Tubulin Dynamics and Interactions to Face Neurotoxicity: a Multidisciplinary Approach for Training and Research". More information here and here. The deadline for applications is 11/11/2019.

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About us

In our group we perform a multidisciplinary research, combining techniques from the fields of biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology and bioinformatics for an integrated analysis of biological samples. Our main research lines are:

Metabolomics and fluxomics

  • Metabolite measurement by GC/MS and LC/MS in samples with a special biomedical, biotechnological or industrial interest
  • Analysis of the isotopomeric distribution in different metabolites, which results from the incubation with substrates labelled with 13C.
  • Software development and application for metabolic fluxes quantification by using kinetic information and experimental metabolomic data
  • Characterization of metabolic adaptations that accompany:
      • cell differentiation
      • cell death
      • tumorogenesis
      • oncogene transformation
      • drug treatments

Cancer Therapy

  • Study of the differences in metabolism regulation between tumoral and non-tumoral cell lines.
  • Design of antitumoral therapies based on the inhibition of different key points of cancer cell metabolism.
  • Study of the antitumoral and antioxidant properties of bioactive polyphenols extracted out of subproducts from the agricultural and forest industries.
  • Characterization of the biological effect of new chemical compounds with antitumoral potential.

Control and regulation analysis of biochemical systems with biomedical or biothecnological purposes

  • Modeling of metabolic pathways and prediction of genetic manipulation consequences towards a therapeutic or industrial purpose.
  • Sofware package development using Mathematica(R) for the analysis and modeling of metabolic pathways.
  • Design analysis and optimization of metabolic pathway regulatory patterns.
  • Theoretical development and experimental application of  Metabolic Control Analysis (MCA) and  Biochemical Systems Theory (BST).
  • Modeling of biochemical systems using kinetic or stocastic methods.
  • Study of enzyme-enzyme interactions and biopolimers-enzymes binding.